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PLEASE READ: Booking in vouchers is currently suspended due to Coronavirus (COVID19). All tours are suspended from Monday 16th March 2020. We will resume as soon as it is possible.

7th July Update

It is not yet possible to resume tours however we are keeping in contact with the venues to discuss when this may happen.

Tours will not take place in July and August. If it is possible, then we will resume in September at the earliest – however this will be subject to the guidelines at the time. We are edging closer to reopening however we hope you can appreciate the reasons why it’s not possible just yet. Please note that some cities may start before others depending on how things progress.

As of 7th July 2020, some of the venues we visit on our tours have opened but some are still closed or only operating on a limited basis. Some are waiting to see how things pan out since restrictions have lifted, some are only open for take outs, whilst others have staff who are still furloughed. Also, some of the venues are small and it would not be appropriate to mix guests from different household in confined spaces with talks and demonstrations going on.

All tours remain postponed until further notice. Gift vouchers will be extended and existing tour bookings given new dates as soon as we are able to operate. The current guidance states that our partner venues can reopen on 4th July 2020 so after that date we will be discussing with them how to move forward and start tours again. We will not reopen on 4th July as we will need some time to start planning things with the venues however we will have some plans in place by the end of July as to how to restart tours as soon as possible.

Please sign up to the special mailing list here so that we can drop you an email when we are ready to enjoy a beer with you again – hopefully not too much longer now!

Coronavirus Update Mailing List: (no spam)

Gift Vouchers (issued by us directly, including Not on The High Street)If your voucher is due to expire/has expired during the time we are closed then please rest assured that we will reissue the voucher (regardless of the expiry date) for a new period of 12 months. This will start from the first tour of that partcular experience – different tours may start on different dates and this may differ for each city. Please note that some cities may start before others depending on how things progress.

Third Party Vouchers (Red Letters Days, Virgin Experiences, Buy a Gift, Five Star Days, Truly Experiences, Experience Days)We do not issue these directly so you will just need to speak to them regarding their extension policy. However we’d love to have you join us as soon as you can if they are able to extend these for you. We don’t have any control over the vouchers issued by third parties so please ask them and hopefully they can offer something for you!

To get notified of when we are open again to answer your emails then please sign up here:  – We will drop you an email asap

We wish you and your family the best of health and will be in touch as soon as we can. 
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