The History of IPA with Pete Brown

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    Never has a beer style been shrouded with so much mystery, intrigue and myth-like status than the style – India Pale Ale. There are many legends, half-baked truths and tall tales associated with this beer style, all of which have been fully scrutinised by award-winning beer writer Pete Brown.


    Pete is the foremost writer on this beer style, having studied the subject for his book “Hops & Glory”. The book documents Pete’s bold (and sometimes foolhardy) adventure; taking a full cask of IPA on the original pre-Suez canal trade route, from Burton-On-Trent to the shores of India.


    Join us for an evening with the “beer drinker’s Bill Bryson” as we discover the true history of the world’s undisputed favourite craft beer style.


    Your ticket will include:

    ·        A talk and Q&A session with Pete Brown.

    ·        1 x Anytime IPA, 1 x Table IPA & 1 x London IPA.

    ·        1 x Cheese board supplied by Greenwich locals  “The Cheeseboard”


    After the talk, there will be a chance to purchase signed copies of Pete’s books from the Brewery Shop.

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